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Douchebag Workout 2

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Douchebag_Workout2Douchebag Workout 2 is the second edition of the popular game about a guy who wants to become stronger and look more attractive. There are a lot of improvements in the game if we compare it to the first edition and now the graphics as well as the gameplay seems to be much better. This story is about a guy who is so weak and so ugly that can hook up a girl. He arrives to the gym where the great transformation begins.He meets a hot woman in the gym but she refuses to talk to him because he has no muscles and looks ugly. In the first version of the game there was no money in the game. The gym was free and you could access it anytime you want. Now you have to pay for everything - for membership of the gym, for food, for clothes and so on. You can even call your father to ask some money.

Douchebag workout 2 is not just a game, it's reality. It showes us how a skinny and ugly man can become an attractive and respected one with the help of GYM. Enjoy the full version of the Douchebag workout 2 at our website.